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Application to Attend a ‘Farms with a Future’ Ground Work Day


Please note that the Ground Work Days are intended for farmers who wish to implement sustainable practices on their own farms. Numbers are limited and priority will be given to farmers agreeing to submit a sustainable farm plan (this is part of our funding agreement).


If you do not have a farm or are not able to submit a farm plan, you will not be able to complete the below form, you will have to send a separate enquiry via our Contact Us page and we can then put you on the waiting list should there be available space at the Ground Work Day.

Once you have completed the form below we will confirm your final attendance via email. If attendance has been filled, your name will be placed on a waiting list in case there are any cancellations.

* I wish to attend the Ground Work Day being held on:

Click Here for the 'Jinglefox, Dalgety' Case Study.
Click Here for the 'Leaf and Petal, Turlinjah' Case Study.

* Name(s) of person(s) attending (up to 2 people per property) :
Person 1 :
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Name of Property :

* Street Address of your Property:

* Property Lot Number(s) & Deposited Plan (DP) Number:

* Your Telephone Number :

* Your Email Address :

* Size of Your Property (in hectares) :

Any Additional Comments :

Please tick the following as appropriate:

* I am paying $20 per person for the above stated people attending the Ground Work Day

* I confirm that my property is within the South East LLS region (see here).

* I agree to submit a draft Sustainable Farm Plan (see here)for my own farm and to be considered for funding of up to $1,000 towards the cost of further developing or implementing that plan.

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